6 Things That Only Recruiters Are Thankful for…

Tis’ the season to be thankful, and of course for general warmth and fuzziness. So rather than try and infiltrate the food coma/eggnog induced brains of our readership over the festive season, here’s a somewhat silly (but warm and fuzzy) blog to remind you of all the small things no-one but a recruiter could be grateful for…

high five 1.fw.png1. A candidate who turns up (!) to an interview

They said they would, and they do! Their car didn’t break down, their second cousin twice removed wasn’t cornered by a rogue reindeer and they didn’t get held unexpectedly by MI5 at the airport and were therefore unable to contact you. They simply said they would come in for an interview, and they did!

2. The word ‘hello’

Wait , what!? A candidate has answered their phone? A CANDIDATE HAS ANSWERED THEIR PHONE!! AND THEY ARE FREE TO TALK…this is not a drill, I repeat, not a drill!

3. Alcohol

Okay, so not necessarily specific to recruiters…but we’re thankful nonetheless! When you’ve spent the week co-ordinating demanding clients and flakey candidates, a vino at the weekend sometimes feels more necessary than optional (or is it just me…?)

4. Having a voice

It’s one of those things you never appreciate until it’s gone, and as our Aquarium is currently fighting (and losing to) the plague it couldn’t be more relevant. Trying to croak at candidates through hot and cold sweats just doesn’t have the same impact as your usual sales pitch…

5. Normal email addresses

Otherwise known as candidates who don’t have email addresses in the vein of pornstardelight@***.com or bigbhoygherkin21@***.com… All hail the kara.shorthouse@***.com ‘s of the world, especially when having to read email addresses aloud to check them over the phone…

Purple-Squirrel.png6. Purple squirrels

Ahh…that one candidate that makes it all worthwhile! They’re qualified, personable and actually thankful to you for helping them get a new job. They don’t come about often, but then they do…they’re just so purple and squirelly and lovely!

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