Top Ten Famous Recruiters From History

As a joke with Chad Sowash, I suggested that for International Recruiters day some people might want to come to work dressed as their favourite recruiter from history. A brief search revealed however, that whilst recruiters themselves are rarely celebrated, there are some very notable individuals who have been celebrated for their recruiting prowess. In no particular order, here are my Top 10. (drum roll please)

    • Jesus – hired those 12 guys


    • Andrew Carnegie – From literally nothing (grew up in Scotland), Carnegie built a fortune the equivalent of $370 Bn today, and did so through his innate ability to recruit, motivate, and inspire loyalty in an immense workforce. He wrote extensively on this, and of course gave away almost all of his wealth.




    • Elon Musk – I mean, come on!





As is traditional, I apologise if I have left any of you off the list (you know who you are), but if it helps any, I never get mentioned on lists either. So sue me.

I would however be fascinated to here your own favourite historical recruiters in the comments below.