A Whole Day For Recruiters?

International Recruiters Day was launched in 2011 to recognise the skills, dedication and professionalism of recruiters worldwide.

LinkedIn, probably the only comprehensive global database of recruiters shows that there are 2,530,000 individuals with the term “Recruiter” in their job title. We estimate that there are over 3.5 million people working directly in recruitment worldwide. At #IRD, we want to recognise the amazing work these people do every day to identify and hire great talent, and to help transition hundreds of millions of employees to their next career step.

Whilst recruiters perform a very serious job, International Recruiters Day is not a solemn event, and we always look for fun ways to show that we love and enjoy doing what we do. On the day itself, some organisations might have a team lunch, or beer and pizzas in the office, some might encourage staff to come in dressed as their favourite recruiter from history, and some will share their recruitment stories online with the hashtag #IRD .

We also know that with millions of recruiting interactions occurring every single day, each recruiter has their own unique experience, and countless stories to tell about the world of searching for, interviewing, and hiring incredibly diverse candidates for literally every possible job function. We want to encourage recruiters to share their stories on International Recruiters Day.


International Recruiters Day is supported by a great many people, but especially by the most excellent humans at the TAtech, REC, APSCO, Pocket Recruiter, Firefish Software, the CIPD, UK Recruiter, Recruiter Zone and The NORAs (are you noticing a pattern here?)

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