Nominate a Great Recruiter: Dougie Loan, SourceWhale

It’s International Recruiters Day 🙌
And everyone in Starbucks now knows that too 😂

The recruitment industry often has an underestimated impact on the way the world works. On the lives of people we support, organisations we hire for, and the economies we operate in.

People are the key ingredient to business and the normal workings of our everyday society. Healthcare, education, housing, food, all of our basic needs met by businesses or organisations fuelled by many things, but more importantly the people within them.

The recruitment industry drives each of these, and many other industries forward, and that’s why we’re celebrating those recruiters out there who are “making a splash” each day.

So either tag someone you know in the industry below, or head over to our SourceWhale company page and tag them on the post there, and we’ll pick someone at random next week to receive a special SourceWhale-inspired prize as a thank you for the work they do as a recruiter each day 🐳🙌

Connect with Dougie Loan, CRO at SourceWhale here.

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UPDATE: Sourcewhale have now announced the winner, by acclamation – Darren Brooks, Director at Shirley Parsons.

“I’m now the proud adopter of Mars, the humpback whale, courtesy of the awesome team at SourceWhale and their prize draw for International Recruiters Day. She is the ripe old age of 44 and is currently scouring the Canadian peninsula and having a blast…..

There are many fantastic professionals in the recruitment sector and proud to be a part of it.

Cheers Dougie Loan Georgie Partington Stephen O’Donnell ⚡FREC SourceWhale Ben Hiner

Whale and Dolphin Conservation is a great cause and worthy of support.”