6th April 2017


The inaugural International Recruiters Day will be held on Thursday 6th of April 2017. A day for celebration of recruiters the world over.

The Aim Of

International Recruiters Day

Is to promote community and fraternity amongst those at the recruiting coal-face in all countries of the world.


Every day, and on every continent of the planet, professional recruiters are working hard to ensure that you work well. We help to make everything work.

The simple task of every recruiter is to identify and bring together these three matching elements.

Jobseekers - Candidates - Applicants - Employees

Whatever title you use, the world of work is humming with human activity, and people move jobs more frequently than ever before. Whether employed, self-employed or somewhere in between, we all have the need to be productive and make our way in the world.

Employers - Corporations - Organisations

From the tiniest organisation to the very largest multinationals, in the public, private and non-profit sectors, brand new start-ups to centuries old established businesses, the very biggest challenge lies in assembling a group of individuals that together can become far greater than the sum of their parts, and jointly embody the purpose of your organisation.

Job - Post - Career - Vocation - Gig

Mostly essential for simply paying our way in the world, the work that we do can also define who we are. When much of our waking hours are spent in activity that nourishes, challenges and fulfills us, we become greater today than we were yesterday. Not all work is rewarding, but we all seek the right balance that pays us not only in material terms, but also allows us to do so in an environment that we can endure, enjoy or even thrive in.

Whilst we are serious about what we do, we try not to take ourselves too seriously.
We have collated below, some of the best articles from all over the world on working as recruiters, and how we are an integral part of the world of work. 

Advice For New Recruiters

What do I need to know to starting working as a recruiter? To answer this question, we reached out to the top experts in the world of recruiting and asked...
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Aren’t Recruiters Brilliant?

True story with a purpose. Years ago, I was recruiting for a client in Ayrshire, who needed a Design Engineer.  As per usual I took on the job, quoted our...
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How are your firing skills?

Unfortunately a great many managers, supervisors, and business owners have had to do just that in the past year.  It’s something that defines you as a boss, and a responsibility...
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The ONE secret to successful recruiting?

THIS is the secret to successful recruiting; the best place to find your ideal candidate is where your ideal candidate hangs out.  Kinda obvious isn’t it. These are five ways...
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10 Reasons Why Being a Recruiter is Awesome!

Have you ever met someone for the first time, told them what you do for a living and been greeted with a look as though you have just told them...
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Little White Lies

There is inevitable duplicity built into the entire recruitment process.  Would you advise a candidate to be scrupulously honest, and offer “full disclosure” in a discoverable way online? Lies being...
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